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Dear Viewers,

It is a pleasure to present GRUPO EMPIRE BRASIL – We are a content marketing and engagement company uniting the online and offline worlds, through our platforms: Digital Magazine: modern, up-to-date and direct, where we bring exclusive content from people who, through entrepreneurship, changed their lives, TV programs on the main open television channels and on our world platform, online radio with music and news, news portals and events,  our marketing place, online conferences and course platform.

We seek greater communication and interactivity with our viewers on various subjects such as aesthetics, beauty, fashion, health, entertainment, gastronomy, tourism, business, agribusiness, entertainment, major events and much more.

With the strength of your cause and  credibility, the Empire Brasil Group platform has created a community that encompasses more than 18 million people.

We unite the various links that make up the chain of consumer relations in our country and in 07 other countries: Brazil, Portugal, England, Norway, Italy, Austria, the United States and Mexico.

Content designed to disseminate and value the relationship culture of connection.

Watch, listen, read and share our platforms.

Welcome to the new world of Empire communication and check out our ecosystem thinking about the future Present.

Empire Brazil Group

CONNECTION in the palm of your hand!

The team

Who is part of the Group

BOLINHA 03.png
Leandro D'Ambrosio


Gabriel Cardoso

Executive producer

Ricardo Mendonça

Production manager

Vinícius Lopes

creative development

Alice Mendes


Henrique Duarte

Technical director

Lucas Silveira


Clara Rodrigues

office manager

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